Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Busy Summer of Weddings coming to an end

Long time, no talk, my blog friends! I have been a busy bee this summer between weddings, taking/teaching classes and working at the salon, I haven't done much besides work, work, work! It's a great thing I love my job and I love each of the people I get to work on. As we enter into fall, I will be posting some of the pictures from this years weddings as they start to roll in...I have to say (secretly..shhh) that every single one of my brides this year has been absolutely beautiful! How do I get to work with such beautiful women?! lucky lady here...they make me look so good!
I wanted to post a sneak peak of a great opportunity that I had to work with The Not Wedding just a couple weeks ago...they are a national bridal show in the form of a big, fake wedding. I got handpicked to be the exclusive hairstylist for the 'wedding' and meet some really awesome vendors (all the vendors are listed here) along the way too....we cant post too many photos yet, but heres the sneak :)... (thank you to Green Blossom Photography for the awesome photo and Alli B for makeup) 

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  1. Hey I know how difficult this work is. I am also a wedding planner and completely understand how challenging it is to organize a spending wedding reception party. But I really love my job!!