Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Denver Broncos wedding published!!!

I was so honored to be asked to come down to the Dominican Republic for the Broncos' kicker Brandon McManus and Nadia Spencer's wedding to do her hair, along with her attendants. We also got to attend their wedding and all the festivities!

Nadia was looking for a beachy waves look, which was very 'interesting to achieve in the humidity and heat. It rained for a solid amount of time the night before the wedding so it made it even more moist outside! I had to set her hair, not use a ton of product that would get tacky and hope for the best! Her hair ended up being the perfect beachy wave (although it fell more than I had wanted) but it stayed 'beachy' all night!

Thank you Nadia for inviting me along, we had a great time! 

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